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19 Sep 2019

Fundación CLC World, 20 years of charitable commitment

Fundación CLC World celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a commemorative Gala on Friday, 13th September. More ,  resort to enjoy a magnificent evening - during which attendees sampled a cocktail made with CLC World’s Gatehouse Gin – followed by the Malaga band, Dry Martina. Associations throughout the province, authorities, media, sponsors, collaborators, partners, representatives of the company, as well as the ambassadors and volunteers of the Foundation did not want to miss such an emblematic date. Fundación CLC World’s founder, Roy Peires, told those present why he set up the charity, “I have been in business in Spain for 35 years, and it is...

27 Jul 2017

Discover the Wonderful CLC World Charity Holidays Programme

A holiday is something that many families look forward to and even expect on an annual basis. For those lucky enough, they are even able to enjoy multiple vacations per year. Unfortunately, not every family is so fortunate due to a number of different pressures such as financial, health or time restraints. This is often especially the case for carers who dedicate so much of their time looking after other members of their family. CLC World believes (as do we) that holidays are an extremely important aspect of life for families to gain some much needed downtime together, and...

16 May 2017

RDO is Proud to Support the Amazing Work of Christel House

RDO and the timeshare industry as a whole is passionate about giving back to communities in need and supporting people both locally and around the world. While of course it is very important to provide an excellent service to our owners and guests, we also understand that there are many around the world who are not fortunate enough to be able to enjoy vacations. In fact, shockingly, even in this modern age there are still hundreds of millions of people who barely have enough to eat or drink, and millions of children who receive little or no education. This is a...

24 Apr 2017

Why the Pearly Grey Team Trip to South Africa Was so Important

Pearly Grey Ocean Club in Tenerife has been a proud supporter of the Ingane Yami Children’s Village in South Africa since 2010. During these past seven years, the resort team and guests have been closely involved in raising funds for this incredible charitable organisation. Over this time there has also been a strong bond formed between the staff at Pearly Grey and the village. It has long been a wish of the resort developers to be able to take the management team out to South Africa to meet the amazing people working at Ingane Yami and the children that stay...

14 Mar 2017

Have you heard of the excellent charity Give us Time yet?

We are very pleased to announce that RDO members have once again proven their charitable mindset and commitment to worthy causes by supporting the excellent Give us Time charity. Throughout the world there are so many people in need and causes that are worthy of attention such as global hunger or the fight for human rights. These issues gain huge amounts of attention with a whole host of different charities aiming to solve these problems. One issue that doesn’t always get the recognition that it deserves though, is that of the stress that hard working military service personnel and their...

28 Feb 2017

Have you heard of the excellent CLC World Charity Holidays programme?

As well as providing amazing holidays, many RDO member resorts are also very generous in terms of their charitable support to a variety of very worthy causes. This often includes large donations within the local community where the resort operates and/or further afield to help some of the most vulnerable groups and individuals in the world. We believe it is very important to give back to both the local community and to globally important causes, and that this should form a fundamental part of any modern, ethical business. This is also something that owners at timeshare resorts have clearly showed that...