Remembering our friend Ron Haylock: The Music Room at Christel House

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13 Mar 2014

Remembering our friend Ron Haylock: The Music Room at Christel House

Ron Haylock was not just a legend in the shared ownership industry, he was a special friend to many of us who worked with him at RDO, RCI, ARDA and TATOC. His enthusiasm for life was undeniably contagious – a few of his favourite things included food, wine, nature, music and, last but never least, giving back.

Now it is our turn to give back to a man of many passions, whose work with the Christel House charity in South Africa and encouragement to the students at the Cape Town School were so important. Ron’s love of music lives on through the students he nurtured, through their love of music. It is a vibrant part of their local culture, enabling them to develop and express themselves, and complementing their academic achievements. Five months ago, the students formed a School Band; now, not surprisingly, many more students are clamouring to get involved, and more instruments and tutoring are needed. Which is why we are delighted to announce that the Ron Haylock Music Room at the Christel House School in South Africa is now being funded by contributions from Ron’s friends around the world.  This important fundraising has enabled – and will continue to enable –  the purchase of additional musical instruments as well as extra music classes.

The Ron Haylock Memorial Plaque

To honour Ron, the Music Room will host a memorial plaque with the inscription The Ron Haylock Music Room, and will carry the name of every single donor, whatever his or her contribution. Ron opened so many doors for young people during his lifetime, and the plaque will help keep him in our memory for years to come.  He was the epitome of ”inclusive” – he sought to introduce, develop and mentor so many people from different walks of life and now it is our turn to remember him, and all the joy, encouragement and learning he gave to those who needed help along the way.

Making a donation to the Ron Haylock Music Room

All donors (donation amounts will not be shown) will be included in alphabetical order on the special Ron Haylock Music Room plaque at Christel House and if you would like to honour Ron’s memory and you would like to contribute, donations can be made in the following way:

Go to the JustGiving page and donate via credit or debit card (recommended for UK taxpayers as HMRC will contribute Gift Aid @ 25% gross).

Alternatively, please email Elizabeth Taylor at for more information and other ways you can contribute to Christel House, a charity we know was so close to Ron’s heart.


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