Resort Management in a World of Diversity with José Luis Mella – Resorts Operations Director, VRI Europe

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19 Jun 2018

Resort Management in a World of Diversity with José Luis Mella – Resorts Operations Director, VRI Europe

The way people choose to travel, the destinations they are deciding to visit and the expectations they have of the accomodation they stay in are in a significant state of change. Of course the situation in the Travel & Tourism sector has always been evolving, as technology, demands and aspirations have adapted, but there has been somewhat of a revolution in recent decades.

Travellers are now designing their own holidays and becoming more adventurous in terms of where they choose to travel and what they want to do on their holidays. This represents a big difference from the average traveller before widespread technological shifts took place.

This means that our industry needs to meet and exceed these evolving expectations, because there is now much greater choice available for travellers, and competition is significantly more intense. Historically, our industry has provided an excellent service and fantastic style of vacation, but resort management can certainly not rely on the past to guarantee future success.

As part of this break-out session, José Luis Mella will be discussing resort management in a world of diversity. Through his talk he will be taking our attendees on a historical and futuristic journey through the ever-evolving needs of resort properties. As mentioned earlier these are impacted by the diverse and dynamic demands of their guests and the changes in the travel industry that these have led to.

Expectations have always been high within the timeshare and shared vacation ownership industry, but these continue to expand as people’s options have grown. These relate to both the quality and the diversity of services which exist within resorts, that contribute to the overall vacation experience.

For both first-time guests within a resort and from evolving vacation ownership members there are expectations, and not only for the current stay but for future stays. This is why it is so vital for resort managers and their teams to remain constantly focused on guest experiences, trends within the industry and what members may demand in the future.

José Luis Mella was born to Spanish parents, grew up in England and was educated at Cornell University in the USA. He later started his career in the hospitality industry with the opening of a 335-room timeshare resort, with a team handpicked from the US.

He is currently the Resorts Operations Director of VRI Europe, one of the largest management services companies in southern Spain. He has 27 years experience at senior level in the management and development of shared ownership resorts. During this time he has adopted the strategic policy philosophy of continual improvement and diversified growth, thus resulting in a long-standing reputation for excellence within this sector.
You can connect with José via Linkedin

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