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Caspar BerryRDO7 Presentation
6 Oct 2016

Risk taking and decision making in poker, business and life via Caspar Berry – Professional keynote and motivational speaker

The world is becoming an increasingly uncertain place with huge changes in terms of the global economy, political climate and international stability. There have also been massive shifts in how people work and the types of jobs available, much of which has been lead by substantial advances in technology and the dramatic digital transformation that is sweeping the globe. All of these alterations have also affected the travel and leisure industry including timeshare resorts and hotels. While there are certainly many challenges ahead, there are also many opportunities if you remain optimistic and ready to adapt to these changes. In...

Introducing RDO7 keynote speaker, Caspar Berry
5 Jul 2016

Introducing RDO7 keynote speaker, Caspar Berry

RDO is delighted to announce that Caspar Berry will be one of our keynote speakers at this year’s RDO7 Taking Ownership conference, which is taking place in London 20th-22nd September 2016. Caspar works internationally as a highly renowned professional motivational and keynote speaker. Since starting in this line of career six years ago, he has delivered over 1,200 speeches for over 300 companies in Europe, America and Asia. Caspar makes an excellent addition to the list of other superb keynote speakers attending this year’s prestigious timeshare conference in London. Caspar’s trajectory to his current career as international keynote speaker has...