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Letter from America
21 Nov 2017

Letter from America

I have always wanted to write that as a headline having been a great admirer of the late Alistair Cooke who sent out his “Letter from America” on BBC Radio every week from 1946 to 2004 and most memorably was in the lobby of the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles and witnessed the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. So that was all just by way of introducing the fact that I was in Washington last week, at the ARDA Fall Convention to make presentations, along with Declan Kenny, to the ARDA ROC and ARDA Boards. As explained at the RDO AGM in Marbella in September,...

24 Jul 2017

Timeshare Association (Timeshare Owners and Committees) Limited – TATOC – is wound up

On 20th July 2017 Timeshare Association (Timeshare Owners and Committees) Limited - TATOC - was compulsorily wound up on a petition presented by TESS (Timeshare Exit and Support) Services and the Official Receiver was appointed as provisional liquidator. The petition presented by TESS follows on from the proceedings instigated by TESS against TATOC which, as a result of TATOC being unable to fund the high costs of defending itself, resulted in TESS obtaining judgment against TATOC. The directors of TATOC have thanked their members and affiliates for their support over many years. TATOC achieved a great deal to protect consumers and promote the...

7 Jun 2017

TATOC Consumer Helpline

The TATOC consumer helpline, which provided advice, support and information to timeshare owners and other consumers, has ceased to offer a telephone service. Consumers with complaints or queries about non-RDO member companies should be directed to the Timeshare Task Force (TTF) website Assistance provided to consumers is free of charge and the TTF has built up an extensive knowledge of companies that operate both within and on the fringes of the timeshare industry. Those who wish information on buying or selling timeshare can visit the RDO website on: or RDO itself offers a free of charge complaint handling service about its...

7 Mar 2017

The question I wished I had asked – Chief Executive Blog

Last Saturday I was at the TATOC Conference in Warrington giving a summary of the work RDO has been doing since last year’s conference. Rivetingly entitled “RDO Update” – my fault I should have submitted a better title - but at least Robin Mills changed it on the day to something more appropriate – “Annus Horribilis” as quoted by Her Majesty of the year various Royal Marriages came unstuck – Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew as I recall it. In contrast Howard Nusbaum President and CEO of ARDA, gave a round-up of the US Market later in the day and the...

Travel & Leisure Group joins TATOC as platinum affiliate
16 Nov 2016

Travel & Leisure Group joins TATOC as platinum affiliate

Travel & Leisure Group has announced that the company has joined TATOC's list of platinum affiliates. For many years Travel & Leisure Group has been a TATOC affiliate at the Gold level.   Operations Manager Sarah Bond says, "We are proud to have become a Platinum TATOC Affiliate.  At the Platinum level, Travel & Leisure Group has the opportunity to become a TATOC accredited resale company." Travel and Leisure’s Their Safe Hands Guarantee already ensures that when a sale is achieved, both seller and buyer are protected by having their monies held with independent solicitors, and their newly confirmed Platinum Affiliate status...

31 Mar 2015

If It’s March It Must Be TATOC

The timeshare industry year is very much governed by the seasons as to what events are on that time of the year, thus April is ARDA, September is RDO and of course March is TATOC – bit like farmers and their seasons . So the first week-end of March and we all foregathered at Warrington in Cheshire, first for the RDO/TATOC Seminar, followed on by the TATOC Conference itself. Impressions of the seminar? I think we learnt from last year, which was the first one, and we tried this year to make it more relevant for the committees of the owner-run...

7 Feb 2014

RCI Confirms Sponsorship Of TATOC Conference

RCI, has announced that it is taking up Platinum Sponsorship of the annual conference of The Timeshare Association (TATOC). This year’s conference takes place at the Park Royal Hotel in Stretton, near Warrington in the UK, from 7 to 9 March. It is themed ‘Together We Can’ reflecting TATOC’s aims to unite the industry to achieve great things, face its challenges, tackle rogue operators, support resorts, assist owners and more. The 2014 event also sees the leading consumer association teaming up with European industry body the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) to stage a free seminar to provide advice and guidance on issues...

21 Jan 2014

HMC Funding affiliates to TATOC

The Timeshare Association (Timeshare Owners and Committees), TATOC, has announced that HMC Funding has become a TATOC affiliated company. HMC Funding provides finance for shared ownership and fractional companies and directors, Ron Howell and Barry Bailey, have over 30 years’ experience in the finance sector. One of HMC’s focuses for the timeshare industry is its Leisure Guard service, a travel insurance product that provides protection for owners up to the age of 79.  The service covers pre-existing medical conditions that are controlled by medication....

28 Nov 2013

RDO & TATOC To Hold A Seminar For Sold Out And Owner-Run Resorts

RDO and TATOC are holding a seminar and lunch on Friday 7th March 2014 from 10 am to 2.30 pm, prior to the TATOC Annual Conference in Warrington next March. Experts from a range of fields will share their thoughts, provide general advice and guidance and answer questions on a host of topical issues including: Ageing ownership - Perpetuity contracts – what are your options, Introducing robust exit route programmes, Managing maintenance fee delinquencies Is your product right for today’s market?  Marketing tips on how to improve rentals & sales How to get behind the campaign to reduce VAT on tourism Resort management – do you have a cost-effective...

6 Nov 2013

Five Holiday Club Canarias resorts achieve TATOC Resort Accreditation

Five Holiday Club Canarias resorts on Gran Canaria - Puerto Calma, Vista Amadores, Sol Amadores, Playa Amadores and Jardin Amadore - have achieved TATOC resort accreditation. The aim of the accreditation programme is to give recognition to resorts that are truly customer-­‐driven in their approach to timeshare ownership and are willing to commit to all requirements of TATOC’s code of ethics. The TATOC accreditation team considers aspects such as: the standard of accommodation and leisure facilities; the marketing that brought a guest or owner to the resort complex; the health, fire and safety standards at the resort; the sales practices at the...