The Anfi Group donates gloves and masks to help fight the coronavirus

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2 Apr 2020

The Anfi Group donates gloves and masks to help fight the coronavirus

The Anfi Group has recently donated approximately 6.000 disposable gloves and nearly 2,000 masks so that they can be used in the different health centers and hospitals of Gran Canaria in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Likewise, the company that has its resorts in the south of Gran Canaria has transferred several batches of surface disinfectant gel, according to a statement made by the Company.

The donation responds to the call made by the competent authorities for hotel companies to donate all the sanitary and disinfection material that may be useful to deal with Covid19 due to the stop of all tourist activity.

In the same statement, the management points out that “any contribution made adds to help the health services, which are doing an admirable job and are, these professionals, the true protagonists of this exceptional situation.” The delivery of this material was made to the Consejería de Política Social del Cabildo de Gran Canaria by members of Anfi staff. “Only together and with high doses of responsibility can we overcome this pandemic situation that we are suffering. A difficult situation to face but that will surely make us stronger in the future” concludes the statement made by the Company.

Another “steps forward” that Anfi has taken is the transformation of the Anfi Emerald Club hotel into a ‘guard hotel’ for exceptional emergency situations for professionals, such as flight crew, health personnel, transporters, professionals from the Forces and State Security Corps and for some tourists who, for some extraordinary circumstance, need to stay overnight at the hotel for a few days. The Anfi Emerald Club, located in Tauro has been chosen as one of the 14 hotels designated by decree in the Canary Islands to alleviate emergency situations.

The Anfi Group clarifies that “it is neither a standard holiday hotel nor a hospital hotel. On the contrary, it is a complex that, following the ministerial order, assists in exceptional cases. It is neither a hotel for confinement of the sick”. The Anfi Emerald hotel has a capacity of only one hundred rooms and today has a staff of around twenty distributed in the tasks of reception staff, maintenance and cleaning of rooms.

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