Timeshare exchange membership is free and simple with the launch of 7Across

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Timeshare exchange membership is free and simple with the launch of 7Across
19 Nov 2020

Timeshare exchange membership is free and simple with the launch of 7Across

The timeshare exchange industry is poised for a spark of innovation with the launch of 7Across. Today, the company celebrates its new branding with enhanced product offerings, and the continued evolution of its low-cost, customer-centric exchange model, now with more benefits, discounts and travel possibilities.

One of the many benefits of timeshare ownership is the ability to exchange your holiday ownership for new travel experiences outside of your home resort. As part of the Panorama family of membership travel brands at Wyndham Destinations (NYSE:WYND), Dial an Exchange (DAE) is now 7Across. Along with a new name and brand identity comes enhanced global timeshare exchange options for the next generation, focusing on simplicity, transparency, and value. 7Across offers a simple exchange platform that helps its hundreds of thousands of members worldwide maximise the value of their timeshare ownership without having to join a legacy exchange company.

With more than 20 million timeshare owners globally, holiday ownership and exchange is a significant part of how the world enjoys travelling. The industry estimates indicate only 6-7 million timeshare owners are currently a member of an exchange company, providing 7Across with significant opportunities to reach unaffiliated owners with its free membership and simple, flexible exchange model.

Once joining 7Across at no cost, timeshare owners unlock a range of exchange benefits, all focused on holiday planning easy and hassle-free. Benefits include the chance to exchange a traditional timeshare week for a stay at one of more than 2,700 resorts around the globe, enjoying one of the lowest exchange rates in the industry, and the opportunity to book last-minute resort getaways, without having to use their timeshare ownership.

“7Across encourages timeshare owners to get their travel on. Our free membership and flexible exchange model allows members to swap their timeshare weeks, with the added benefits of having access to book hotel stays at a great value at more than 600,000 hotels around the world,” said Amy Lipka, Managing Director of 7Across. “Timeshare owners know that holiday ownership is one of the best ways to explore more of the world, and 7Across boosts the advantages of timeshares with even more possibilities.”

All 7Across members get access to three simple ways to travel:

  • Exchange Weeks*: Timeshare owners can “bank” their points or traditional timeshare week, and trade their deposit credit for a week at one of thousands of resorts around the world.
  • Bonus Weeks: Members get access to holidays without giving up their week or 7Across deposit credits, and can book short-notice, discounted holidays within a 6-month travel window. Bonus Weeks can be shared with friends and family and there’s no limit to how many they can use.
  • Rentals: Members and their families and friends can book deeply discounted stays at timeshare and non-timeshare resorts worldwide without using a deposit credit or paying an exchange fee.

To provide the flexibility travellers need today to book their holiday with confidence, members can also choose to add “Cancellation Protection” to their exchange booking, allowing them to cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours before travelling, without any fees or penalties.

All timeshare owners can join 7Across with a free membership. The company also offers a Gold Advantage membership for a low annual fee, which provides deeper discounts and even lower exchange rates.

“Our new branding better reflects our mission to focus on holiday planning with ease, connecting timeshare owners to their next adventure, all with a straightforward approach, low fees and less hassle,” said Lipka. “7Across represents reaching all corners of the world with a free spirit that’s joyful and alive, like our customers from around the globe and we can’t wait to help our members see the world simply, easily and with no annual fees.”

*Exchange fee applies.

SOURCE Panorama

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