Travel & Leisure Group updates its website

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Travel & Leisure Group updates website
30 Aug 2017

Travel & Leisure Group updates its website

Timeshare resale company, Travel & Leisure Group, has recently updated its website. The site is now undergoing a soft relaunch with the support of Omni Search UK, featuring a new design, UX and functionality in time for the company’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Sarah Bond, the Operations Manager of Travel & Leisure Group made the following statement about the new sites update: “We’re thrilled about the re-launch of the Travel & Leisure Group website.  We’re looking forward to seeing an increase in business due to the improved user experience.  Throughout the process, our focus has been on making it easier to use.  This includes everything from vastly better navigation to a fresh, attractive look in line with current trends.  Both new and existing clients can now enjoy a clean, user-friendly website from the same timeshare broker they know and trust.”

The original site was created in 2011 with a style and design that was reflective of the contemporary industry trends at the time. As a result, the overall look has been updated to evolve with the latest vogues to create an impressive visual statement for visiting web traffic. With the update taking in over 20,000 pages, this has been a challenging task for both the company and the web design company, yet a professional, fully operational site has been produced.

Included in the update has been a range of new imagery to support the sales messages and a new page structure working as a front end to the database driven site. As the company has retained a consistent sales message there has been no requirement to update the copy, although the key conversion journey has been improved with forms and buttons. The site is fully navigable in 10 different languages making it accessible to a range of global sales channels.

One of the most impressive features of the new site is a Google maps driven widget that displays all the fractional ownership properties available through Travel & Leisure Group. Visitors can use this functionality to quickly find a desirable purchase opportunity in the exact location of their choice.


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