How Video Will be Used to Increase Footfall at RCI Affiliated Resorts

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20 Jun 2017

How Video Will be Used to Increase Footfall at RCI Affiliated Resorts

RCI pioneered vacation exchange back in 1974, and now aims to make advertising this concept even simpler for member resorts. Whether it is a week’s right-to-use, points or club membership, or an exchange membership linked to the sale of a wholly-owned holiday home, RCI fully appreciate that the purchase of timeshare is only just the beginning of what should be an exciting leisure lifestyle for their customers.

When aiming to close a sale, a highly compelling driver to achieving this, is the option of providing customers the amazing opportunity to swap their owned holiday experience with over 4,000 quality properties based in prime holiday locations across the globe. It may very well be possible to achieve the edge when making sales based on being able to offer RCI membership as part of this purchase package. RCI is constantly innovating though and has decided to make it even easier for their customers to fully appreciate the exciting world of exchange holidays awaiting them.

In today’s sharing economy, a shared-holiday ownership with exchange is the perfect product, but it can sometimes be the case that its true value becomes hidden from customers due to its perceived complexity. RCI now has this well covered. In order to help make sure that customers fully understand how to achieve the most from their timeshare purchase in terms of realising the different ways to enjoy a return to favourite vacation hot spots, as well as discovering incredible experiences in new destinations, RCI has committed to invest in creating a series of explanatory videos.

Through the use of colourful animations, these videos visually describe in a fun, friendly and accessible format, how owners can easily access a variety of different holidays by using a timeshare ownership combined with the RCI exchange programme.

According to Sonal Patel, creator and RCI video project manager: “We have found our members absolutely love their timeshare ownership, once they have the confidence to use the exchange system properly. It is wonderful to see the difference it makes to our members’ activation and satisfaction ratings, once they fully understand how flexible timeshare with RCI exchange makes their holiday planning, as well as just how much holiday choice that single holiday home purchase gives them when used with an RCI membership as part of their purchase package.”

“The videos are designed to support our valued affiliates also. By increasing our members’ propensity to travel to different destinations, we hope that the videos will support the drive for increased year-round occupancy levels by increasing footfall through the doors of our affiliated resorts and, with it, lead generation opportunities as our members fall in love with new places and spaces.”

These videos are available in a total of 15 different languages for both RCI Weeks and Points members. To support their sales programmes and their existing owner members possibly in need of further education around how to get the most out of their timeshare ownerships, RCI affiliates and industry consumer organisations are free to show these videos in their sales offices, on their websites, from e-newsletters, on in-resort TV, and via any other such media. To view these videos, and to download them for your use, click on this link:

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