Why you can’t miss next year’s RDO Conference

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Why you can’t miss next year’s RDO Conference
6 Dec 2016

Why you can’t miss next year’s RDO Conference

The RDO Conference is the only yearly event of its type in Europe, offering those who decide to attend a unique opportunity to learn from leading timeshare figures, and to have their say on the future and direction of the industry. If you are interested in timeshare, fractional ownership, or any other form of shared leisure ownership then the annual two day RDO Conference is a must which you can’t afford to miss!

Each year the event has a different theme, linked to pressing issues within the timeshare industry, and a variety of amazing motivational speakers are invited to inspire attendees. Many of these speakers have completely different backgrounds and life experiences which only adds to how interesting their talks are. No two presentations are the same which offers the audience a variety of different perspectives and opinions on diverse topics. While the presentations and themes may be unique, the audiences are always left with a lot to think about and plenty of ideas to move the industry forward towards further improvements and success.

RDO7 Conference photos

Timeshare is no different than any other industry in that it has had certain setbacks, but at each RDO Conference the feeling is resoundingly positive. As the global economy has recovered, the travel industry continues to go from strength to strength and is predicted to continue growing for many years into the future. Timeshare, fractional ownership and shared leisure ownership will continue to play a significant part of the travel and tourism industry, especially if they are successfully adapted to recent changes. The RDO Conference is the perfect opportunity to learn about and discuss the adaptations that can be made to allow timeshare to continue to thrive, and to hear about success stories both within timeshare and the wider travel and tourism industry.

RDO7 Conference photos

This September RDO returned to Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel and Spa in London for RDO7. The theme of this year’s conference was Taking Ownership, and was all about taking charge of our game and coming together as a community to build a brighter and better future for us and our owners, by looking at ways to successfully offer people the best timeshare experience.

Each year those attending RDO Conference have given overwhelmingly positive feedback about the event. RDO7 was a huge success in all respects, from the stunning venue and location, to the wonderful catering and service, and the amazing speakers, excellent sessions and overall organisation.

RDO7 Conference photos

Here is a selection of the amazingly positive feedback we got from our RDO7 attendees survey:

Overall highlights of this year’s conference:

“I really enjoyed the speakers Kris Akabusi, Caspar Berry, Simon Hazeldine and Gareth Dunlop. The Hotel and facilities were spot on and of course the Motown Show was spectacular.”

“Almost without exception the speaker line up was excellent – entertaining, informing and relevant and the Motown evening was a grey success.”

“It was all excellent.”

The format:

“I was happy with the timings and as above, format worked very well this year. Great speakers with the right amount of time allocated and efficient MC.”

“The format offered good networking time. I think you have the format absolutely right at this point. Keep doing what you are doing! Congratulations to the team who put it all together. You did a great job!”

Additional comments:

“As always Nikkie did a great job and interesting and current topics discussed and presented. thank you.”

“An excellent and well organised conference”

This was just a small selection of what were resoundingly positive comments about the 2016 Conference, RDO7 “Taking Ownership”. Almost everyone who attended RDO7 has stated that they intend to attend next year’s conference. The 2017 Conference, RDO8 is set to take place from the 10th – 12th September 2017 and will be returning to the legendary Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa in Marbella, Spain.

Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa

It is clear that the timeshare industry has a fantastic future ahead of it with much to celebrate. It is one of the highest rated forms of holiday accommodation because of the excellent facilities, top class customer services and general excellence of timeshare resorts and hotels. Most people that try timeshare, never go back to other forms of holidaying because of the superior quality it offers in comparison to the competition. Owners love their resorts and the timeshare experience, so the industry is already on to a winning formula. By leveraging the advantage it already has, and adapting to changing consumer demands for greater personalisation and flexibility, resorts will continue to grow and flourish long into the future! We look forward to discussing another successful year in the shared vacation industry with you at RDO8 in Marbella next September.

If you would like to discuss anything with RDO regarding this blog post or other relevant topics, then simply add the hashtag #RDO8 or #RDOdigital to your tweet. Alternatively search #RDO7 or #RDOdigital on Twitter to see what else we’ve been discussing and you can easily get involved in the conversation.

The RDO7 conference 2016 was sponsored by CLC World Resorts & Hotels, Diamond Resorts International, Interval International and RCI at the Platinum level, and Dial An Exchange, Generator Systems and Shawbrook Bank at the Gold level. We thank them for their support.

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