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Why you can’t miss next year’s RDO Conference
6 Dec 2016

Why you can’t miss next year’s RDO Conference

The RDO Conference is the only yearly event of its type in Europe, offering those who decide to attend a unique opportunity to learn from leading timeshare figures, and to have their say on the future and direction of the industry. If you are interested in timeshare, fractional ownership, or any other form of shared leisure ownership then the annual two day RDO Conference is a must which you can’t afford to miss! Each year the event has a different theme, linked to pressing issues within the timeshare industry, and a variety of amazing motivational speakers are invited to inspire...

17 Oct 2016

A look back at RDO7 conference 2016 – Taking Ownership

This year’s RDO7 conference 2016 was a huge success with inspirational speakers and presentations, many excellent connections created, and overall a wonderful time had by all the delegates that attended. We once again returned to the beautiful Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel and Spa in London where RDO5 was held two years ago. Both the hotel and London provided an excellent setting for RDO7, as the focus of this year’s conference was very much on looking towards the future. London is a city which perfectly exemplifies this feeling, as it is constantly innovating, improving and developing. In the short space of two...

13 Oct 2016

Why your resort must adapt to remain relevant in today’s digital world via Gareth Dunlop and Thomas Landen

There are few industries that have been impacted so highly by modern technology, the internet, and the dramatic digital transformation that has occurred in the last decade as the travel and tourism sector. Without a doubt, this has had and will continue to have, substantial effects on the timeshare industry, and adapting to the changes taking place are more important than ever. Those businesses that are able to adapt are much more likely to survive and thrive, whereas companies that decide to stick their head in the sand and ignore what is happening all around are destined for failure. If there...

10 Oct 2016

Dream big – take action – play with those who turn up via Kriss Akabusi

The theme of RDO7 Conference 2016 was Taking Ownership, an extremely important concept to follow in these recent times of uncertainty. There have been huge upheavals lately in terms of the international economy and socio-economic climate. This in turn has had profound effects on international travel and tourism, with travellers and tourists now much more careful about where they decide to spend their important vacation time. Added to this has been the effects of a massive digital transformation in terms of the speed and reliability of the internet, increasing use of social media, online booking and sites such as Tripadvisor...

Caspar BerryRDO7 Presentation
6 Oct 2016

Risk taking and decision making in poker, business and life via Caspar Berry – Professional keynote and motivational speaker

The world is becoming an increasingly uncertain place with huge changes in terms of the global economy, political climate and international stability. There have also been massive shifts in how people work and the types of jobs available, much of which has been lead by substantial advances in technology and the dramatic digital transformation that is sweeping the globe. All of these alterations have also affected the travel and leisure industry including timeshare resorts and hotels. While there are certainly many challenges ahead, there are also many opportunities if you remain optimistic and ready to adapt to these changes. In...

4 Oct 2016

How to Raise Your Sales Game via Simon Hazeldine – Professional Speaker, Bestselling Author, Performance Consultant

In the last few years the world has altered dramatically in terms of the economy, society, technology and business. This in turn has lead to significant and continuing changes in the world of sales. To keep using the same techniques that may have been successful decades ago, in today’s reality of different buyer needs, knowledge and expectation, is becoming increasingly ineffective and ultimately bad for business. Considering all of the changes that have resulted in this challenging new reality that we now live in, you are probably wondering what it takes to achieve exceptional sales performance. At the recent RDO7 Conference...

3 Oct 2016

Cruising sets sail towards younger clients: lessons for timeshare via Andrew Stuart – President & COO, Norwegian Cruise Line

If someone asked you about your perception of the cruise industry, certain thoughts might jump to mind, many of which are not particularly positive. These ideas might include substandard entertainment, tired interiors, uninspiring catering, and an aging demographic of guests on board. When Andrew Stuart, the President and Chief Operating Officer of Norwegian Cruise Line took the helm of the company in March 2015, this was exactly the problem he faced. Almost all of the perceptions that people had about the cruise industry were true when Andrew took charge, so he set about changing this situation in order to attract...

19 Sep 2016

#RDO7 Conference 2016 starts tomorrow, are you ready?

Here at RDO we are very excited that this year’s RDO7 Conference starts tomorrow! This promises to be an exciting event packed with inspirational speeches from motivational speakers and business leaders, lively and engaging debates and fantastic networking opportunities, all set in the beautiful Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa in London, undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest cities. The theme of this year’s conference is Taking Ownership which given recent challenging economic and political events, couldn’t be more necessary for the travel and timeshare industry. Understandably there are concerns among both individual owners and timeshare companies and organisations. RDO7...

RDO7 Conference
23 Aug 2016

What you can expect at RDO7 Conference 2016

This year’s conference RDO7 promises to be one of the best yet, with a host of talented motivational speakers and industry leaders set to inspire and entertain you, during a variety of different speeches and sessions. The theme of this year’s conference is “Taking Ownership” with an emphasis on taking charge of your own game. This is true from both an industry and individual standpoint and is set to challenge the audience and those within the timeshare industry to look to themselves as to how to improve and evolve. It is often all too easy to blame others, the economic environment around...