Discover the Wonderful CLC World Charity Holidays Programme

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27 Jul 2017

Discover the Wonderful CLC World Charity Holidays Programme

A holiday is something that many families look forward to and even expect on an annual basis. For those lucky enough, they are even able to enjoy multiple vacations per year. Unfortunately, not every family is so fortunate due to a number of different pressures such as financial, health or time restraints. This is often especially the case for carers who dedicate so much of their time looking after other members of their family.

CLC World believes (as do we) that holidays are an extremely important aspect of life for families to gain some much needed downtime together, and is a wonderful experience that all families should be able to enjoy. During a stay at any one of the beautiful CLC World resorts around the world, families can escape many of the stresses they face at home such as work, school, long commutes and other realities of ordinary life.

Sadly, due to financial constraints and other issues like lack of time, families end up disconnecting from each other and entertaining themselves with various screens like TVs, mobile phones and computers. With so much stress in modern life, it’s no wonder that so many families end up doing this. Instead, a holiday offers families real, quality time where they can be together without outside stress and just feel free to enjoy life.

In order to help families who find it difficult to take holidays together, CLC World started a programme this year called CLC World Charity Holidays to help support those who care for loved ones. Carers do an extremely important job within their own families, but often have difficulty finding the time or resources for a holiday for themselves.

The CLC World Charity Holidays programme will see CLC World donate 333 weeks of free accommodation to a selection of charities and their service users throughout 2017, to mark the brand’s 33rd year of operation. All CLC World resorts in Austria, Spain (the Costa del Sol and Tenerife), Turkey (the Aegean Coast), USA (Orlando) and the UK are participating in the scheme. Through the scheme, CLC World Resorts & Hotels has supported many very worthwhile causes. One of these has been the Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund:

This collaboration between CLC World and the Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund, aims to provide 30 fully-funded holidays in 2017 for families with children suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. This is a genetic disorder with long-term health implications and no known cure. Sufferers need constant treatment to reduce their symptoms and allow them to live as normal a life as possible, which can present a significant strain for families looking after children with the disorder. The free accommodation from CLC World offers a great opportunity for these families to be able to get away and forget about the normal stress back home, in a beautiful, relaxing CLC World resort. As you can see from the video the families all had a brilliant time!

Another charity that CLC World has supported this year so far is Give Us Time:

Give Us Time was founded in 2012 and matches holidays donated by owners of holiday groups, hotels, holiday homes and timeshares with families in need of quality rest, relaxation and reconnection time together after tours of duty. While it might not always seem the case, it is actually often a lot more difficult than expected for a family to readjust after months apart.

The family dynamic has invariably changed during the time apart and it can be a stressful situation for both the service personnel and their families to get back to normal domestic life. This is why a relaxing holiday at a CLC World resort can be the perfect antidote for this stressful time and help the family bond again together. As the video shows the families really enjoyed this time together in the gorgeous sunny setting of the CLC World resort they stayed at.

This is just a small selection of the charities that CLC World is supporting this year with all of the brand’s resorts participating in the scheme.

For more information on this initiative and other CLC World Resorts & Hotels charitable support, take a look at their website:

You can also follow the brand, keeping up-to-date with their activities, via their social media:

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