Selling Travel Experiences Online – How to Get 6% More with RDO8 Guest Speaker Daniel Bensley

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25 Jul 2017

Selling Travel Experiences Online – How to Get 6% More with RDO8 Guest Speaker Daniel Bensley

Leisure travel businesses and marketing organisations have long pondered what exactly motivates individuals to book the vacations they do. Why do they choose certain hotels or resorts over others? What factors lead to them deciding to head to one destination rather than another? What causes them to choose different excursions, restaurants, or activities while they are on their holiday? These are all factors related to the overall concept of leisure-travel and vacations which ultimately is a highly experience based activity with many complicated influences affecting a tourist or traveller’s decision making process.

To be able to better understand what influences an individual or family’s’ final decision as to where to take their holiday, would mean that both leisure travel businesses and marketers would be able to more effectively personalise their marketing strategies to increase sales and profits. Many consumers are now in fact looking for a more personalised and individualised travel experience, as seen with the rise in popularity of smaller more boutique based hotels and individual holiday apartments, and destinations and holidays offering more interesting activities than simply laying by the swimming pool.  

This no longer needs to be a marketing dream, but instead has been made a reality through groundbreaking research by Qubit, the leaders in highly persuasive personalisation at scale. The company has been able to discover proven techniques that finally answer the question of what works in eCommerce, by discovering the most effective personalisation and marketing techniques that drive a proven 6% uplift in digital bookings.

Qubit has some true pedigree behind it after being founded back in 2010 when a diverse group from Google’s analytics, optimization and big data teams came together to revolutionise the process of website optimization. From that moment on the focus of Qubit has been to use innovative techniques to collect, store and process the data that is the basis for successful personalisation.

The company works primarily in the travel, egaming and retail sectors with over 300 leading brands, delivering over 30 billion personalizations each month and helping to generate millions in incremental revenue for their clients each week. The bottom line is that personalisation helps to drive sales and increase profits across a multitude of different industry sectors, including, significantly for attendees of RDO8, the travel and tourism industry. The company’s overall mission is to “put an end to meaningless customer experiences.”

Daniel Bensley, Business Development Manager at Qubit will be offering considerable insight to RDO8 attendees as to the distinct benefits for businesses to greater personalise the customer experience in terms of e-commerce. Daniel works as the Industry Lead for Travel within the company and works with important travel brands such as Emirates, Thomas Cook, TUI and more to assist them with providing customers with relevant, timely digital experiences by helping them to harness data effectively.

Daniel is perfectly suited to this role due to an extensive background in digital commerce. There is considerable opportunity within the digital industry and Daniel’s time is spent helping brands to capitalise on this. Since working with Daniel, many of his customers have since successfully adopted cutting-edge strategies to improve consumer loyalty and customer experience involving techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

These are all techniques that Daniel will be discussing during his guest speech at RDO8 which will be of great benefit to attendees. The travel and tourism industry continues to grow, but to part of this growth it is vital to offer more personalised experiences within your hotel or resort. As Qubit has also proven, effective personalisation online can also be achieved by analysing the data related to what motivates the decisions of travellers, who can then be converted into your resort’s guests. Consumers are increasingly discerning in terms of where they choose to stay on holiday, but instead of being seeing as a drawback this is an opportunity for your brand to stand out from the crowd. With Daniel’s advice and expertise you will be able to learn how to do this.

Find out more about Qubit via their website: and connect with them via social media:

You can also connect with Daniel via LinkedIn.

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