Generator Systems Announces Rebrand as Light Enterprises

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Generator Systems Announces Rebrand as Light Enterprises
25 Sep 2017

Generator Systems Announces Rebrand as Light Enterprises

This month saw a new beginning for Generator Systems who revealed they had been working hard on a rebrand strategy. Now operating as Light Enterprises, the new name came with a fresh new look, website and approach.

“We will continue to create interactive sales presentation tools with the focus remaining on the compelling nature of our content.” says Steve Pentland, CEO, who started the company back in 1990. “We want to make more of an impact in the industry and create thought-leadership content which we hope will inspire our audience. It’s about sharing knowledge and starting thought-provoking conversations. This is what drives creativity which shapes the future of our industry.”

Light will operate as the parent company to new brands which will handle different divisions of the business to deliver a fully comprehensive service.

“We are preparing ourselves for the launch of a new product next year. This will be called Edge. Technology is advancing quickly so we will upgrade our backend code to improve the user experience. More importantly, we will integrate a Content Management System with our presenters to give clients the flexibility and control they need. Self- configurable platforms have become a key requirement for any SaaS company and we want to acknowledge this.”

Along with the technological advancements, Light will offer a new consultation-style service under the name Bright.

“Bright is about inspiring organizations to nurture their ideas, turning them into something truly groundbreaking and innovative. We want to empower your employees with the ability to unlock their creative potential and embark on new projects which will shake up the industry. We’ll tailor the service to suit your needs and we’ll do this through careful observation.”

Impact, the award-winning film company who have worked with clients including Marriott, Holiday Inn, Diamond, Disney, Hilton and Welk, have also adopted a new name and brand identity.

“Impact has been rebranded as Move. We decided the name better reflected what they do – they move people. Film has proved time and time again to be the strongest influencer in evoking emotion which is paramount in any decision making process.”

Light Enterprises is an award-winning software solutions company with over 27 years’ experience working in the Vacation Ownership industry. They provide clients with multimedia sales presentation software combined with captivating films and ongoing consultation. The result is an interactive, visual and emotional experience for the audience which has generated more sales, increased VPG and reduced cancellations for sales teams globally. For more information about Light, visit

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