Introducing RDO8 keynote speaker, Nigel Risner

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25 Apr 2017

Introducing RDO8 keynote speaker, Nigel Risner

RDO is delighted to welcome back Nigel Risner as one of our other amazing keynote speakers at this year’s RDO8 “Together Towards Tomorrow” Conference which is taking place at the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa located in Marbella, between the 10th-12th September 2017. Nigel has an incredibly prolific and successful professional international speaking career of over 20 years which has seen him travelling the globe helping to inspire individuals and companies to be become happier and more successful. He is highly passionate about what he does and believes strongly that it is this passion for your mission that is one of the biggest keys to success, whether this is for an individual or a business. He previously spoke at RDO3 Conference 2012 in London in which his keynote speech was “Creating IMPACT Each and Every Day For You and Your Customers”. Clearly this was very good as we’ve invited him back to speak at RDO8!

Nigel doesn’t just talk the talk, but also walks the walk, being the only motivational speaker in Europe to have been awarded Speaker of the Year from The Academy For Chief Executives, Vistage, Footdown and The Executive Committee which is an incredible achievement! Not only that but he is also one of only six speakers in the UK to have been awarded the highly prestigious PSAE (professional speaking award of excellence) from the Professional Speakers Association. With these kind of accolades you can almost be guaranteed that when you attend his keynote speech at RDO8, you are in for something special.

Nigel is focused not on just creating an impressive presentation that may sound good but ultimately just includes empty words; he is a results driven individual who genuinely wants to help people lead happier, more productive lives. In his results-oriented workshops and keynote presentations, he challenges his listeners to expand their horizons, embrace all of the amazing opportunities that await them and dream of successes that before seemed impossible.

Because of this approach that sets him apart from many other speakers on the professional circuit, he has worked with some of the biggest clients in the world. His recent clients have included BT, BSKYB, PFIZER, Pepsi-Cola, GSK, Siemens, HSBC Bank, The Academy for Chief Executives and many more. Every year Nigel speaks at over 150 conferences in over 18 different countries!

As we all know, in recent years, the economic climate has been far from stable with a lot of volatility across the markets affecting businesses large and small across the globe. This is why it is more crucial than ever for companies to listen to the advice of inspirational speakers such as Nigel. Driven by technology, changing consumer lifestyles and consumer demands, almost every sector of the economy is facing huge transitions.

This of course includes the travel and tourism market with many companies disrupting the market. One obvious example of course is Airbnb which has already changed the way many people choose to holiday. Brands can no longer rely on unwavering consumer loyalty, because disruptive brands are often out innovating more traditional companies and offering a product and experience that consumers prefer. This is why brands within the travel and tourism sector, including timeshare resorts, cannot rely on guaranteed profits continuing from one year to the next. Now is the time to shake up your company strategy, increase innovation and create positive working conditions for your entire team.

Ultimately a happy workforce will more often than not lead to a more successful and profitable business. If those in charge create an environment that is conducive to staff feeling empowered and part of a strong team where they are respected, this greatly increases the likelihood that team members will want to work hard in order for the company to succeed. Rather than seeing the job as a 9-5 that they can’t wait to get away from, staff will actually have an active interest in going above and beyond the call of duty. They will enjoy working for your company and want to grow and progress with the business, rather than just biding their time before they can move onto something better. Nigel helps businesses create this family environment within company teams, rather than just looking to maximise profits. A happy, respected workforce needs to come first and then the profits will follow.

These are the questions that Nigel wants you to be asking yourselves before his keynote speech:

  • Are you and your team in the room?
  • Are you and your team communicating the best way you can?
  • Are you and your team producing the results you have always dreamt of?
  • Would you like to have a more motivated team, honest communication and teamwork that is second to none?

Be prepared for a lively, interactive and at times challenging presentation that is designed to motivate, inspire and help you to operate at your peak performance and in turn inspire your workforce into to action to have your best year ever!

In this video, Nigel introduces to you what you can expect from his upcoming RDO8 keynote speech entitled “Change Is Inevitable – Growth is Optional”:

During his presentation, Nigel will share the difference between dealing with change and managing uncertainty and will encourage audience participation, in order to greatly increase interest and engagement. This will also be a highly practical presentation with a seven-step process that will leave attendees with a toolkit to guide them through turbulent times and onto greater future success.

To find out more about Nigel and his many projects, take a look at his website here: You can also connect with Nigel via social media on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, and you can subscribe to his YouTube channel for more videos. We look forward to seeing you all at the conference in Marbella.

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