Introducing RDO9 Keynote Speakers Ellis Watson and Alex Hunter

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24 Apr 2018

Introducing RDO9 Keynote Speakers Ellis Watson and Alex Hunter

For each RDO Conference our aim is to select speakers that we believe will inspire, motivate and engage attendees, and also perfectly fit with the theme of the event. The focus of RDO9 Conference is ACT: Action Changes Things. Therefore, we have selected two speakers who will help present this message with superb power, conviction and knowledge.

We are very pleased to announce this year’s keynote speakers will be Ellis Watson and Alex Hunter. Both have had very different backgrounds and experiences, but are highly sought after and acclaimed international motivational speakers, who have helped inspire teams at some of the best known companies in the world, using their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Ellis Watson

Ellis Watson:

Ellis has a prestigious career spanning many decades at a variety of famous organisations. He has previously worked at News International, licensed Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? to 100 different countries while CEO of Celador International, became MD of Mirror Group Newspapers, helped rejuvenate and turn around the fortunes of Greyhound Bus in the US in the space of just 14 months, and ran Simon Cowell’s Syco corporation.

Currently, as well as high profile public speaking work, he is Executive Chairman and former CEO of DC Thomson, the Scottish media group which has famous publications such as The Beano. During his time with the company he has managed to steer this traditional firm, into a future-proofed organisation.

Ellis is now helping to inspire action throughout other organisations and businesses, becoming known as one of the most intelligent and inspiring keynote speakers in Britain. This has been achieved through his highly enthusiastic and humorous talks, filled with original thinking and ideas.

During his keynote at RDO9, he will discuss how important it is within organisations that want to succeed, how they must create an environment in which everyone feels valued within the team. As well as this, those in charge of companies should inspire enthusiasm and passion within the organisation they work, and shows how to create a company culture embracing integrity, quality and diversity.

He will also demonstrate to attendees how disruption and external shocks can be a catalyst for positive change, and will show how to move from mission statements to taking action. As Ellis says himself: “There’s no point in waiting and hoping for a wave, go and create one yourself.”

Alex Hunter

Alex Hunter :

Alex has worked for a variety of different companies and organisations, including being part of the team that launched the award-winning US airline Virgin America, where he was an instigator in helping to build a successful online community. Following this he went on to lead the digital strategy for the entire Virgin Group, including for Sir Richard Branson. During this time he helped to bring about a rapid expansion of the brand’s online strategy, social media and user driven content, helping to emphasise the company’s reputation for customer focus.

Since those successes, Alex has worked with a variety of different companies in roles such as Advisor and Board Member, as well as being focused on how companies can effectively adapt and implement effective digital strategies in order to improve the customer experience and expand their business.

This is something he explores during his keynote speeches which he has been giving across the world for almost a decade. He has appeared at events all over the world, and has also spoken at private events for high profile organisations such as Twitter, Volkswagen, L’oreal, IKEA, Cisco and Deloitte.

During Alex’s keynote at RDO9, he will demonstrate to attendees how their brand can successfully create a meaningful bond with their guests by building relationships both online and in the real world, exploring the psychology of loyalty, showing their brands human side, and revealing some of the best tactics for keeping guests happy and loyal.

He will be using real examples of how huge global brands such as BA, Apple and Coca Cola successfully build consistently impressive relationships with their customers, whenever and however the contact takes place. He argues that rather than viewing online as something separate, the principles that have been successful for brands in their field in the real world, readily apply online as well.

On top of all his other achievements, Alex is also the creator and host of the award winning online travel show, Attaché, that is aimed at helping frequent company business travellers discover all they need to know before visiting a new city.

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There is no doubt that Ellis and Alex will be all set to deliver entertaining, powerful and most importantly motivational speeches that we are sure will inspire attendees to take action and make the vital changes needed within our industry. This will most certainly lead to many more successful years into the future for timeshare resorts and our owners.

Registration will open on 1st May, with more details to follow shortly. We look forward to seeing you all at RDO9 on 12th – 13th September at the fantastic Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel and Spa.

We would like to offer a big thanks to this year’s Platinum sponsors, Interval International & RCI, and Gold sponsors, DAE & Shawbrook Bank.

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