Online Reviews: An untapped channel for the timeshare industry with RDO10 Speaker Jordan Pellant

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15 Jul 2019

Online Reviews: An untapped channel for the timeshare industry with RDO10 Speaker Jordan Pellant

With the rapid improvements in digital technology over the last decade such as the widespread availability of high speed mobile internet and incredibly powerful smartphones, there has been an accompanying increase in the use of social media networks, video streaming platforms such as YouTube, blogs and review websites such as TripAdvisor.

As the use and sophistication of all of these have continued to increase globally year after year, power has continued to shift from brands to consumers. Whereas in the past, brands could rely on their own marketing to convince people to choose their products, through print, radio, TV and internet advertising, there is evidence to suggest that people are becoming increasingly bored and immune to advertising due to oversaturation. In fact Ad saturation and over-targeting is likely to be damaging people’s trust in brands, with favourability towards advertising having dropped from 50% in the early 1990s to just 25% in 2018.

As individuals, especially tech savvy Millennials and those from Gen Z become increasingly bored with advertising and traditional marketing, as evidenced by the rise in popularity of ad free streaming services like Netflix and online ad blockers on websites, trust, relatability and authenticity are becoming key to the success of brands.

Whereas in the past brands were likely more able to influence people’s buying decisions, now people are turning to the opinions of others, especially their peers such as family, friends, work colleagues and online influencers that they trust via online review sites, social media, blogs, podcasts and videos. Because of this, it is increasingly vital that brands within the timeshare industry develop a trustworthy online reputation.

We’re pleased to announce that Jordan Pellant will be one of our influential guest speakers at RDO10, where he will be presenting “Online Reviews: An untapped channel for the timeshare industry.” Jordan works within the Commercial function at Trustpilot as Team Lead for UK & APAC and specialises in the Travel and Retail industries. He is known for his ability to work closely with Enterprise clients to help them understand how to improve their online reputation and use customer feedback to grow their business.

Before working with Trustpilot, Jordan successfully helped Eventbrite, SAM Labs and Capscan (Oracle) grow their client base. Outside of work he is usually to be found playing football with friends, watching Fulham (lose), or firing up the BBQ when there’s a spot of sunshine.

The importance of online reviews for brands cannot be underestimated in terms of the buying decisions of consumers. In fact, 90% of consumers today say online reviews influence their large buying decisions, from houses, to cars, to – you guessed it – timeshares. In his keynote session, Jordan will cover very valuable topics related to this phenomenon including: why reviews power your business forward, how to grow your online reputation, how to stand out from the competition with social proof, and how to use review insights to unlock business potential.

We look forward to seeing you all at RDO10 on 11th – 12th September at the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa, to find out more about this year’s conference, the schedule, venue, rates and online registration, please visit

We would like to offer a big thanks to this year’s Platinum sponsors, Interval International and RCI.

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