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24 Sep 2019

A Look Back at RDO10 Conference 2019 – The Next Chapter

This year’s RDO Conference was a success, with some world-class speakers, top-industry experts, and a varied mix of business and education sessions which proved to be informative, entertaining and motivational. Our venue for this year’s conference was once again the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa located in Marbella. The theme “The Next Chapter” was chosen to reflect the fundamental shifts taking place across the world which we have witnessed in the last couple of decades, that are only set to become ever more significant. The impacts of these technologically driven changes can be seen in almost all areas of our...

27 Aug 2019

What to Expect at RDO10 Conference: The Next Chapter

For this year’s RDO Conference we will be returning again to the superb Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa, Marbella. Of course, it is not only this gorgeous location that our attendees will be able to look forward to, but also another RDO Conference with a packed line-up of inspirational keynote and guest speakers, networking opportunities and the promise of a fantastic time to be enjoyed by all. The theme we decided upon for RDO10 is the The Next Chapter. This is to reflect the fundamental shifts taking place across the world which we have witnessed in the last couple of...

13 Aug 2019

Yield Management – Slicing the Pie with RDO10 Expert Panel of Speakers Daniel Bates, Guy Mantel and Roman Sucharzewski

At every RDO conference, in addition to the inspirational speakers and motivational sessions, we always aim to provide our attendees with practical education sessions, and we’re pleased to announce that our panel of experts, Daniel Bates, Guy Mantel and Roman Sucharzewski, will be presenting “Yield Management - Slicing the Pie” at RDO10, organised by Janice Anderson-Pearne, VP Client Services & Operations EMEAA at Interval International. During this practical session, our panel of experts, Daniel, Guy and Roman will be taking a look at the interesting and occasionally controversial balancing act of the world of inventory yield management, a much needed business...

15 Jul 2019

Online Reviews: An untapped channel for the timeshare industry with RDO10 Speaker Jordan Pellant

With the rapid improvements in digital technology over the last decade such as the widespread availability of high speed mobile internet and incredibly powerful smartphones, there has been an accompanying increase in the use of social media networks, video streaming platforms such as YouTube, blogs and review websites such as TripAdvisor. As the use and sophistication of all of these have continued to increase globally year after year, power has continued to shift from brands to consumers. Whereas in the past, brands could rely on their own marketing to convince people to choose their products, through print, radio, TV and internet...

2 Jul 2019

The New Influence – how to build an influential brand online in the age of digital disruption with RDO10 Speaker Ste Davies

Today’s incredible digital technology, driven by the rapid growth of high-speed internet, smartphones as powerful as computers and other amazing innovations, has created incredible opportunities for individuals and brands. One obvious benefit for companies and individuals aiming to power their brand exposure in today’s increasingly interconnected world has been the massive growth in the usage of social media, with the number of social media users predicted to reach almost three billion by 2021. That means that around two billion more people will have become social media users since 2010! The power of these platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn...

18 Jun 2019

AI and the Future of Business with RDO10 Keynote Speaker Daniel Hulme

A large part of RDO10 Conference will involve helping our delegates to understand the fundamental factors that will be the driving forces behind the large scale changes set to take place in the next couple of decades. Accelerating technological innovations are predicted to play an increasingly greater role in all aspects of lives, including very much so, the world of work, so it is essential to be properly prepared for what is to come. One such development is Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is set to revolutionise businesses and the economy, almost certainly to an even greater extent than previous innovations such...

21 May 2019

Introducing RDO10 Keynote Speaker Leo Johnson

For each RDO Conference our aim is to select speakers who we believe will engage, motivate and inspire attendees, as well as to provide the perfect fit for the focus of the event. We are pleased to introduce to you Leo Johnson, Broadcaster and Megatrends expert, as this year’s keynote speaker. With his wealth of knowledge, extensive experience and inspiring message Leo will certainly offer fascinating insight into what we can all expect from the future, so we can best prepare for the next chapter for our industry. Leo is co-presenter of FutureProofing, the BBC’s flagship series which explores the innovations...

16 Apr 2019

Don’t miss your chance to register for RDO10 Conference!

Recently we announced to you that the theme for RDO10 will be “The Next Chapter” and that the conference will be taking place on the 11th & 12th September, at the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa in Marbella. For each RDO Conference we aim to create an event that is as entertaining, educational and engaging as possible for our attendees. In order to achieve this goal, we carefully select a specific theme that we feel is highly relevant to the events that have occurred since the previous conference, and invite inspiring speakers from diverse backgrounds, to give informative and motivational...

12 Mar 2019

Jeremy Skidmore announced as moderator for RDO10 2019 Conference

Following the decision from industry veteran Robin Mills to step down as moderator of the RDO Conferences at the end of last year’s RDO9 2018 Conference, we are pleased to announce the recent decision to appoint Jeremy Skidmore as moderator for RDO10 2019 Conference. Jeremy brings a wealth of travel related experience having been a journalist for over 30 years on national and travel trade titles. Jeremy has previously worked as editor of Travel Weekly, been a reporter for The Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday, and a regular contributor to several national newspapers, television and radio stations, and online publications. In...