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30 Aug 2016

P2P: people-to-people

As Steve Clarke explains in this video recorded at the timeshare resort Pearly Grey Ocean Club in Tenerife, in whichever field of business you are in today, it is vitally important to be considering the concept of ‘P2P: people to people.’

The way that people view brands has changed dramatically in recent years, much of which has been fueled by the digital revolution. Your guests are becoming far more savvy and their expectations are rising. It is no longer possible to broadcast corporate messages and fancy advertising and hope your guests stay loyal, they expect a more human connection with the people behind your brand.

In the following video Steve explains the concept of ‘P2P: people-to-people’ and why it is so vital to consider this within your business, whichever field it may be.

“If I said B2B or B2C, I’m sure you’re familiar with those terms; business-to-business or business-to-consumer. Forget it, not in today’s world. In whatever field you’re in, we should be thinking about P2P: people-to-people.”

“People want to know who is behind the brand. They don’t just want your fancy logo and pictures from your brochure of beautiful rooms and pools, which we know that you’ve got. People want to know the people behind the business.”

“This people-to-people idea becomes really, really important, so that everyone knows their personal brand and how it ties in with the company brand, but let your people talk to other people.”

This is especially important within the travel industry in which guests will be coming to stay at your timeshare resort or hotel. Your guests want to know before they choose to book a stay at your resort what the experience will actually be like, rather than just what your corporate brand image portrays.

They will be far more likely to choose your resort or hotel if they can view some of your team’s profile on social media, interact with them and ask questions and read reviews on review websites. Every customer knows that a brand is trying to sell their product so advertising and fancy photos do not easily convince many tech savvy consumers today.

If your guests or potential guests can interact with your staff and get friendly, human responses to their questions, this creates a far greater level of trust and brand loyalty. Treat your guests how you would choose to be treated ie treat them as a person rather than another sale. When people feel they are being listened to and treated in a friendly, kind manner this actually leads to more sales, unlike when they feel like they are being constantly sold to.

Here at RDO we would like to once again thank Steve for his recent training session with the team at Pearly Grey Resort, and for appearing in this video.

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  • Justine Banister-Day
    August 30, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    People to people is the way to go !thanks Steve Clarke for the great and helpful session with you and John Beckley.
    The sales team really enjoyed it and took a lot of great directives from this RDO initiative.
    Get connected!
    Using social media to inprove your communication and interaction with guests of all types promoting a great online reputation is vital today.

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