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13 Sep 2016

Building Relationships

As Steve Clarke explains in this video recorded at the timeshare resort Pearly Grey Ocean Club in Tenerife, in whichever field of business you are in today, it is vitally important to build positive relationships with your clients and potential clients.

Due to the dramatic digital transformation that has occurred in recent years, individuals have far greater amounts of information available to them regarding the companies that they do business with. These digital relationships work both ways though, with social media profiles and other online news, information and media available to your sales team. Do not neglect this amazing opportunity to find out more about your clients, so you can build more positive relationships and better sales opportunities.

Steve explains why ‘Building Relationships’ with your clients is so vital to consider within your business, and how your team can effectively use the digital tools available.

“Selling today and selling the ethical way is so much about building relationships, and at a time we have right now, more than ever before, there are so many facilities available, and most of them costing, get this, nothing!”

“There are facilities out there where you and your teams can actually be engaging with people before they come on a tour, before they come onto your premises, getting to know the people so they can also get to know, like and trust the reps that might be helping them acquire timeshare, fractional ownership call it what we want to call it, but if you can start building relationships before people even get on site you will see a massive return on that kind of engagement.”

“We’re shooting this at a beautiful resort in Tenerife, but to my amazement for one of the trainings that we did out here as well, not one of the people, actually I take that back, one of the people had, taken the trouble to check me out on LinkedIn. Now LinkedIn tells you much more about me as an individual and my background, so you can get to know and understand me and my likes and dislikes before I arrive on site. They didn’t know whether I’d be a good client, prospect, a referral source for them, but that’s what we should be doing.”

“Today the information is available to all. It’s available to your buyers and it’s also available to your sellers. Make sure that you use all the technology available to you to engage and to build relationships. Keep in mind ROE: return-on-engagement.”

It is becoming increasingly common for customers to check out a wide variety of information about brands before they buy, including the team working for the company. This is especially true when it comes to purchases that require a bigger decision such as property or timeshare. Your buyers want to know they can trust your company and team so will naturally use all the extensive information that is available to them online.

This wealth of knowledge should not be see as negative though as it allows your brand to shine online and show your amazing team members and great ethical qualities. The flip side of this is that your sales team can learn a lot about the individuals they will be selling to, thus increasing the likelihood of sales opportunities. Best of all, many of these fantastic tools and resources are free for everyone to use!

As Steve says, this is why you should always keep in mind the idea ROE: Return On Engagement, because from these free tools you can increase engagement and ultimately sales.

Here at RDO we would like to once again thank Steve for his recent training session with the team at Pearly Grey Ocean Club timeshare resort, and for appearing in this video.

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