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4 Jun 2019

The ‘Pequeño Valiente’ tournament held at Anfi Tauro Golf, sponsored by Messi and Silva raised €14,300

The Pequeño Valiente (Brave Little Ones) solidarity tournament sponsored by Leo Messi and David Silva, which was held over the weekend of 18th May at Anfi Tauro Golf raised over €14,300.  The participants again this year gave a strike of solidarity on the Anfi Tauro course, to help families of children suffering from cancer in one of the most traditional golf tournaments in Gran Canaria.  “It is always a pleasure to help those that need it most” assured Silva, whose own cousin Cinthia passed away after a battle with cancer several years ago. During the emotional day, a score of children...

David Silva Supports The Development Of Anfi Tauro
10 Jul 2015

Football Player David Silva Supports The Development Of Anfi Tauro, His Hometown

The luxury beach at Anfi Tauro will be a reality before the end of this year. A project for the construction of this new touristic area in the south of Gran Canaria will mean an investment of over six million Euros, after the official concession was finally granted for a minimum period of 50 years. This initiative that has taken nearly two decades to collect all the necessary administrative licenses, will include a seafront promenade that will join the Playa del Cura beach with Amadores. The new location will measure approximately 300 meters in length and 50 meters wide, almost...