Strokes of hope as Anfi Tauro golf course in Gran Canaria reopens

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Strokes of hope as Anfi Tauro golf course in Gran Canaria reopens
26 May 2020

Strokes of hope as Anfi Tauro golf course in Gran Canaria reopens

Anfi Tauro Golf reopens its doors as a step on the way to “a new normality”. This golf course on Gran Canaria’s South coast, welcomes back its players after the period of lockdown due to Covid-19, a pause that was put to good use to carry out some extra maintenance work on the course.

The golf course is now in “excellent condition” and we are confident of facing the rest of the year with more energy than ever. These “first steps are full of hope” states Luis Martínez, General Manager of the hotel division and Anfi Tauro Golf, in a press release.

This reopening brings with it, measures to safeguard the health of the participants, and exhaustive health protocols have been introduced. “All materials will be disinfected after each game. The disinfection and other measures will be essential for the safety of the players” explains Mr. Martínez.

This Covid-19 pandemic will mean changes to some aspects of the golf world in order to avoid any risk of infection for the players. Social distancing will be compulsory as well as the various measures offering greater health safety to players. For example, the players will not be allowed to touch the flags or the bunker rakes. All such measures are taken to protect and safeguard the players’ health.

Golf is one of the sports with the least physical contact and this fact “can open the way to other sports and promote us as a safe course and destination.” Regarding the forecasts for the coming months, “we are confident that this will be a summer with a lot of golf, not only in Anfi Tauro, but in all the courses”, emphasizes the Anfi statement.

Anfi Tauro Golf is close to the Anfi Opal villas, which opened last week, and to the Anfi Emerald Club complex, which has operated as a ‘ hotel on-call’ since the state of alarm was decreed.

Our aim is to work to achieve the highest standards of excellence and to continue to climb positions in the ranks of golf courses. In fact, the specialist publication ‘Top Golf Courses’ places this course among the top 80 clubs in Europe for its design and location, accompanied by exhaustive maintenance that takes care of every last detail.

The Anfi Tauro Golf course is one of a kind. With a total area of ​​650,000 m2, it never ceases to surprise the player. The distinctive holes on this course are 6 and 13 (at a height of 70 m), and are of particular beauty and elegance. Designed by internationally renowned architects Von Hagge, Smelek and Baril (creators of Le Golf National de Paris, venue of the Ryder Cup in 2018), this Arizona style course combines the volcanic landscape with palm trees, lakes and an ocean view that make it an exclusive location. In addition to all of this, there is the charming Par 3, considered one of the best venues in its category in Spain


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