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8 Oct 2019

RDO10 – “Job well done”

That was the email I received the week-end after the RDO 10 Conference ended in Marbella, Spain on 12th September. Although I am usually pretty upbeat about our Conferences, I did leave this one with a very real sense of positivity, and this was despite my travelling back on Friday 13th from Malaga, which for some reason is always a bad airport for me, and lived up to its reputation this time. Word of warning to all UK citizens – do not lose your passport on a Friday – it takes at least “two working days” for HM Government to crank...

21 May 2019

Introducing RDO10 Keynote Speaker Leo Johnson

For each RDO Conference our aim is to select speakers who we believe will engage, motivate and inspire attendees, as well as to provide the perfect fit for the focus of the event. We are pleased to introduce to you Leo Johnson, Broadcaster and Megatrends expert, as this year’s keynote speaker. With his wealth of knowledge, extensive experience and inspiring message Leo will certainly offer fascinating insight into what we can all expect from the future, so we can best prepare for the next chapter for our industry. Leo is co-presenter of FutureProofing, the BBC’s flagship series which explores the innovations...