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21 May 2019

Introducing RDO10 Keynote Speaker Leo Johnson

For each RDO Conference our aim is to select speakers who we believe will engage, motivate and inspire attendees, as well as to provide the perfect fit for the focus of the event. We are pleased to introduce to you Leo Johnson, Broadcaster and Megatrends expert, as this year’s keynote speaker. With his wealth of knowledge, extensive experience and inspiring message Leo will certainly offer fascinating insight into what we can all expect from the future, so we can best prepare for the next chapter for our industry.

Leo is co-presenter of FutureProofing, the BBC’s flagship series which explores the innovations and big ideas shaping business and society. Within this show there are a whole host of fascinating topics covered ranging from the blockchain’s impact on financial services to revolutions in robotics, energy and transport.

Leo focuses on both short and long term innovations and disruptive technologies and system changes which will have significant effects on different sectors of society and the economy. These have been described as megatrends and involve Leo mapping out metaphorical unexploded volcanoes which are set to cause possible seismic disruptions.

Other upcoming potential game changers which he has covered include autonomous transport, radical life extension, quantum computing, and the RFID (radio frequency identification) chipped workforce. The main aim of the FutureProofing series is to analyse which of these potential innovations will create real changes as opposed to those which are merely hype, and more importantly to look at what the impact will be for businesses and how business owners can best prepare for these disruptions.

Leo has extensive business related experience, both educationally and professionally. Following his studies at Oxford and INSEAD, Leo went on to join the World Bank before co-founding Sustainable Finance, a boutique advisory firm which has since been acquired by PwC Group. He is now a Visiting Business Fellow at Oxford University’s Smith School of Enterprise & the Environment, a judge on the Financial Times’ Boldness in Business awards, and a regular presenter for BBC World.

His TV credits include Changing the Rules, Down to Business, One Square Mile and World Challenge, and he is an occasional commentator for the Financial Times, New Statesman, Evening Standard and the Wall Street Journal. He also co-authored Turnaround Challenge: Business & the City of the Future.

At RDO10 Leo will present “The new dynamics of disruption”. This will provide a fascinating look at what the future will hold for businesses within the Travel & Tourism sector, leaving much to think about for our conference attendees. Topics that he will be covering within his keynote will range from political instability to robohotels, from Virtual Reality staycations to universal basic incomes, with an overall focus on what will be the new set of disruptive innovations and forces reshaping the landscape for travel and accommodation.

Utlising his extensive knowledge about megatrends gained from working as presenter of BBC 4’s FutureProofing, Leo has scanned the horizon for weak signals of change that will redefine future customer needs. During his keynote speech he will help describe these potential megatrends to attendees so as to provide a better understanding of the next generation of risks and opportunities within the Travel & Tourism industry.

There is no doubt that Leo will be set to deliver an entertaining, educational and engaging keynote that we are sure will inspire attendees and help to prepare them for the significant disruptive technological changes just around the corner.

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We look forward to seeing you all at RDO10 on 11th – 12th September at the beautiful Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa.

We would like to offer a big thanks to this year’s Platinum sponsors, Interval International & RCI.

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