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7 Feb 2017

RDO Enforcement & Mindtimeshare SL

Following a strategic review of how it carries out its enforcement activities, RDO has decided not to extend its contract with Mindtimeshare SL in Spain when it comes up for renewal at the end of April 2017. RDO had always made clear that once Alberto Garcia had stepped down from his role as Head of Enforcement and Director of Mindtimeshare in February 2016, it would need to review these activities after a 12 month period. In recent times, RDO has been far more proactive in its cooperation with law enforcement agencies investigating rogue businesses preying on timeshare owners and in supporting consumers...

Timeshare Information and Advice
11 Mar 2016

Mindtimeshare S.L.

After a number of years operating as both Head of RDO Enforcement and Director of Mindtimeshare, Alberto Garcia has asked to stand down from his current responsibilities, and has set-out his proposals for a re-structure of Mindtimeshare.As from March 2016, he will cease to run Mindtimeshare, which has now been converted into a limited company, Mindtimeshare SL. The new Director will be Pedro Picazo Senti, of the Valencia law firm, Picazo Associados. Pedro has worked with Alberto for a number of years as his legal adviser and also for some RDO members in the past, so comes to the position with...

‘Kaiser’ Court Case Update
25 Sep 2015

‘Kaiser’ Court Case Update

The higher Court of Justice in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has come to a decision on the appeal filed by Mindtimeshare against the order made by the Judge in San Bartolomé Court to close the Voyager Travel/Lifestyle Holiday (‘Kaiser’) case. The appeal, filed by Mindtimeshare in July 2014, has been accepted, the Judge’s court order revoked and the case will now be re-opened. The original case commenced with the arrests of 74 people in 2013 at the offices and sales decks of Voyager Travel, Lifestyle Holidays and other associated companies.  It is alleged that the companies made around €5million by defrauding...

29 Jan 2014

Three arrested in alleged €600,000 Fuengirola fraud

Spanish based consumer association MindTimeshare is pleased to report that three people who were behind nine companies that had allegedly defrauded hundreds of European timeshare owners were arrested last year. This followed a report lodged with the police in Fuengirola by Mindtimeshare. The companies' alleged modus operandi involved cold calling timeshare owners purporting to be calling from a Spanish law office and informing them that a case had been ruled in the Spanish courts against their resort and that a pot of money had been set aside for ‘victims’. On submission of fake documents to the timeshare owner, a payment of...