“Timeshare to be essential to the economic recovery” says the Anfi Group

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Timeshare to be essential to the economic recovery
15 Apr 2020

“Timeshare to be essential to the economic recovery” says the Anfi Group

In a press release issued today, the Anfi Group, which has operated in Gran Canaria for over 30 years states that timeshare resorts will be essential to the economic recovery in Spain. This segment of the tourism industry, which has over 300 hotels in Spain and more than 55,000 employees, is expected to return to business well before traditional hotels as soon as the restrictions on movement have been lifted and flight connections re-established.

“This business sector has always been characterized by a high level of member loyalty to the destinations where they bought their week and owners who want to make the most of their timeshare will be amongst the first people to travel again”, emphasizes Ovidio Zapico, president of RDO Spain.

“The tourism industry has always shown its resilience and capacity not only to recover, but to lead an even wider economic and social recovery. The occupancy in timeshare resorts, which differs from the traditional hotel industry, is guaranteed due to the fact that reservations are made up to a year in advance.  Once this crisis caused by the Covid-19 is over, and after the weeks of confinement, timeshare owners will be eager to return to normality, to re-organise their cancelled travel arrangements and to be able to finally enjoy their holiday” continues Zapico.

José Luis Trujillo, Anfi Group’s CEO, goes on to say “we have many members who call daily to check when they can come to enjoy their holidays. Anfi checks how the situation is progressing in members’ home countries so as to have everything prepared to receive members back again.”

In this respect, the Anfi Group has been working from the start of the Covid-19 crisis on implementing measures so that members can holiday securely with their families at the Anfi Group resorts in Gran Canaria.  “We have always relied on the sun and as a destination with guaranteed good weather, this was previously the first requirement when deciding on one destination or another.  However, the sun will be relegated to second place, after the safety of the family, from a health point of view. For these reasons, the main aim for the tourist sector should be to concentrate on offering facilities that provide unquestionable security in hotels, restaurants, leisure areas and children’s play areas etc,” explains Mr Trujillo.

“Timeshare also has an added economic advantage to the local communities where the resorts are established  in that compared with all-inclusive holidays, timeshare resorts are typically on a self-catering basis and members tend to eat out more frequently and also purchase produce to consume in the self-catering accommodation.  These factors will also contribute to the reactivation of the economy” continues Trujillo.

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