Vacation Ownership Industry Outlook is Strong According to Latest RCI® Research

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22 May 2013

Vacation Ownership Industry Outlook is Strong According to Latest RCI® Research

The future of the vacation ownership industry looks bright based on findings announced by RCI. RCI released the results of its annual membership profile survey, offering perspective into the purchasing patterns, travel intentions, and key demographics of U.S. owners. RCI also shared findings from another survey which analyzed the perceptions and expectations of vacation ownership among consumers.

“Our latest research shows that consumers are happy with the ownership experience, and the flexibility and choice they receive through vacation exchange programs play a big part in that” said Phil Brojan, senior vice president of marketing, RCI.

The 2013 RCI® Membership Profile Survey, conducted by marketing analytics firm MineTech, Inc., polled a sampling of RCI subscribing members in the United States through an opt-in online survey. Strong ownership satisfaction, high household incomes, a desire for repeat purchases, and a propensity for frequent travel were just a few of the many reasons for optimism in the vacation ownership industry.

The findings from the RCI survey reinforce the positive outlook presented in The American Resort Development Association’s Shared Vacation Ownership Owners Report released last fall. That study showed that fewer owners feel their vacation plans are being impacted by the economy and more owners intend to keep their vacation ownership going forward. The study also showed that more owners are taking vacation and fewer are cutting back on travel expenses.

Affinity for Vacation Ownership

According to the RCI survey, 83 percent of respondents are satisfied with their current vacation ownership. Furthermore, 1.5 million members (62 percent) report that they own two weeks or more of vacation ownership per year.

A strong link between ownership satisfaction and future vacation ownership purchases was also revealed, with a significant portion of members expressing interest in buying additional vacation ownership. The Southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean were the most desired purchase locations.

Significant Buying Power

The typical owner not only has the intent to acquire more vacation ownership, they also have the purchasing power. More than 1.2 million consumers, nearly half of all U.S. RCI members, have an annual income of $100,000 or greater, with over 500,000 of those members reporting annual incomes of $150,000 or higher. The survey also reveals that 40 percent of respondents own real estate in addition to their primary residence and vacation ownership.

Savvy and Frequent Travelers

The owners identified in RCI’s member survey traveled away from home nearly four weeks (24 nights) each year, far exceeding the vacation time of the average U.S. traveler. Domestically, Florida remains the vacation ownership capital with nearly two in three respondents planning to visit in the next two years, followed by California and Hawaii. Those planning international travel cited the Caribbean, Europe and Mexico as their most likely vacation spots.

To receive a copy of RCI’s white paper detailing key findings from the 2013 RCI Membership Profile Survey, contact your RCI account executive or send an email to

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