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WTF Where's the focus
28 Jun 2016

WTF – Where’s the focus

In this video clip recorded at the Timeshare resort Pearly Grey Ocean Club in Tenerife, Steve Clarke talks about one of the most important aspects within the sales industry, the customer experience. Here Steve invites you to look closely at where the focus is within your business. Ultimately the customer experience is what it’s all about, whether it is with a returning customer or a prospective new client.

“Tomorrow write this up on your office wall in big and bold letters: WTF. Probably not what you are thinking, but for me it stands for where’s the focus. In your business where is the focus? Is it still old-school style, bottom line, let’s just look at our return on investment, or is your focus truly on the customer experience?

I mean that in every way that you touch your clients through the entire process, from when they are prospects coming in or existing owners that are coming back for revisits. Because, if your experience is on them and their experience, you won’t have insane Wi-Fi codes that they need to log on to. We live in a connected world.

Whatever age your clients are, I promise you they are on iPhones, iPads, laptops all the time. I’m looking at them around the pool doing it here, but are you giving them codes that they have to put in and re-enter all the time? Are you even charging them extra for Wi-Fi? Come on, get with the program. If you go down to Starbucks or to a local cafe somewhere, Wi-Fi is kind of a given, it’s expected because we’re in a connected world.

Where’s the focus? Is it just on your profits, or is it about giving people a better experience, because I promise you, the better experience they have, the more they will refer. Happy customers will tell lots of other people exactly why they should be clients of yours too.

WTF. Write it up on your wall, big and bold, but it really just stands for where’s the focus.”

Your customers can be some of your biggest advertisers, and just as valuable as other forms of advertising such as print, TV or online. The benefit of providing an excellent customer experience goes far beyond the point of sale, as the better the experience, the more likely they are to recommend your product or service to other people. It is very important therefore to not just consider the immediate sale. The aim should be on every customer having a great experience, leading to positive recommendations, more customers and greater long term profit.

Due to the growth of technology and increasing use of social media, this effect is also amplified. If a customer has a great experience from your company, not only will they likely tell their friends and family, but also their followers on social media. For some this could mean potential audiences of thousands, or even millions. So always remember WTF – where’s the focus.

Here at the RDO we would like to once again thank Steve for his recent training session with the team at Pearly Grey Resort, and for appearing in this video.

To find out more about Steve, including how your organisation can book him for inspirational sales speeches, or staff training, visit his website:

He is also very active on social media so make sure to follow along for inspirational posts:






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