Statement on timeshare maintenance fees during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Statement on timeshare maintenance fees during the pandemic
29 Oct 2020

Statement on timeshare maintenance fees during the COVID-19 pandemic

Timeshare owners pay an annual fee towards the maintenance of their resort, irrespective of whether they choose to holiday at their ‘home’ resort or use the exchange system to holiday elsewhere. The fee typically covers cleaning, maintenance, staff salaries, taxes, insurance, energy supplies and the operation of any common facilities eg swimming pools, spas, children’s play areas, tennis courts, golf courses, restaurants and cafes. A portion of the management fee is set aside to build up reserves to pay for non-recurring costs such as furniture and appliances.

At this stage it is too early to assess the impact of the pandemic on maintenance fees and whether adjustments can be made in 2021 to reflect the actual costs incurred for 2020. Whilst many resort staff were put on furlough during lockdown and operations wound down, core functions still had to be maintained and taxes and bills paid. Resorts also had to invest in new equipment and extensive staff training to ensure they were Covid-secure and in line with strict government protocols when they reopened.

Customer satisfaction is paramount and RDO members have made it their priority to look after owners who have been unable to take their timeshare holidays during lockdown, offering them alternative holiday options. This is administratively complicated and time consuming but our members are rising to the challenge.

We are additionally concerned at reports from owners of unsolicited contact by people purporting to be representatives of ‘consumer organisations’ and are advising them to report such approaches to Citizens Advice so that checks can be made and, where appropriate, actions can be taken.


Subject to certain conditions under the Code of Conduct, owners may surrender their timeshare at any time. All RDO members sign up to the Code, as well as an independent mediation and arbitration scheme, both of which provide customers with levels of protection over and above those required by law.


  • Barney Hynes
    November 18, 2020 at 11:05 am

    Are you entitled to pay full maintenance if you cant use your timeshare?

  • Ann Blyth
    November 19, 2020 at 5:20 pm

    Hi Everybody good to see an organisation is out there and on the owners side at last. I have had my exchange business for the past 30 years concentrating on exchanges within the UK. Just though to add a comment on Maintenance Fees during 2020. Most resorts depending on availability are letting their owners have a replacement week and some are refunding half of maintenance fees back to the owner if there is no availability to offer them.
    Owners must bare in mind that resorts have a commitment to maintain the resort to an acceptable standard so that when guests arrive they will not be disappointed and that still costs money to ensure everything is in good order, we all have to endure a bit of a loss and we must all pull together for the better of all.

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