Four charged over alleged holiday fraud

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Four charged over alleged holiday fraud
18 Jul 2017

Four charged over alleged holiday fraud

Frank Madden, Claire Garland, Keith Furneval and Jean Furneval have been charged in connection with an alleged holiday fraud and appeared at Poole Magistrates’ court on Thursday 13th July. An initial hearing takes place in Bournemouth Crown Court in August.

Consumer complaints were made to the RDO Timeshare Task Force, which is managed by KwikChex, about the activities of Frank Madden and his business Glenleigh Consultants and information was subsequently provided to Trading Standards about the activities taking place.

The complaints centered on what were described as ‘Holiday Clubs’ (or ‘Long Term Holiday Products’), where consumers had paid upfront fees for promised discounts on future holidays.

KwikChex has been working closely with law enforcement authorities for the last three years, providing intelligence on a number of cases and there are now a number of active investigations taking place where KwikChex has been playing a key role. In at least three, evidence is expected to be heard in court from KwikChex. The cost to consumers affected by the businesses involved is estimated at well over £100 million.

KwikChex launched a new telephone helpline on July 17th, which offers free of charge assistance to members of the public with queries or complaints about companies that are not in membership of RDO. For more information, go to

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