Introducing RDO7 conference 2016 guest speakers Gareth Dunlop, Thomas Landen, Andrew Stuart, Anthony Reilly and Paul Hardingham

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RDO7 conference 2016
19 Jul 2016

Introducing RDO7 conference 2016 guest speakers Gareth Dunlop, Thomas Landen, Andrew Stuart, Anthony Reilly and Paul Hardingham

At each RDO conference we aim to bring you the very best lineup of talented motivational speakers to inspire and entertain you. For this year’s RDO7 conference 2016 “Taking Ownership”, taking place in London 20th-22nd September 2016, we recently announced our outstanding keynote speakers: Kriss Akabusi, Simon Hazeldine and Caspar Berry.

We are also delighted to announce a fantastic selection of guest speakers for RDO7 conference 2016 “Taking Ownership”, who will each be taking to the stage and providing you with fascinating insights from the world of business. Each of our guest speakers has a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge which they will be bringing to the sessions they speak at. Our guest speakers this year are:

Gareth Dunlop – Founder & CEO, Fathom:

Gareth has an extensive career history of direct commercial experience advising blue chip clients such as SPAR, DHL and the BBC on their Internet strategies. Following 15 highly successful years of advising other companies, Gareth decided in September 2001 that the time was right to create Fathom, a dedicated User-Experience agency. Fathom’s key principle is to aid companies to see the world from the perspective of their customers, in order to get the most value from the Internet.

Gareth has a huge knowledge of the Internet, and writes and lectures extensively on Internet related matters. In the Republic of Ireland his writing occupies regular columns in and the Irish Independent, and in Northern Ireland in Business Eye magazine. Previously Gareth was also a judge of the Eircom Spider Awards and is currently a  judge of the IIA Net Visionary Awards.

Gareth’s session will be: “Digital leadership – getting off the back foot to win online”

This session is highly relevant to the travel, tourism and timeshare sector, as few industries have been impacted so highly by the internet and modern technology. The customer has been put squarely in control by advances such as mobile technology and social media.

What is required to thrive in this new age of customer power, is a strong, strategic, customer-focused digital marketing leadership. Business thinking can no longer be about marketing products at customers, instead there should be a commitment to market with them. During his talk Gareth will examine how digital leadership compels you to look after not just your digital voice, but also your digital shadow and footprint.

You can connect with Gareth via Twitter – and  LinkedIn –

Thomas Landen – Head of Marketing EMEA, Revinate:

Thomas currently works as head of marketing for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, at Revinate a company that is quickly becoming recognised as one of the best solutions for building valuable long term relationships with your hotel or resort guests. Thomas gained more than 10 years of sales and international marketing experience prior to Revinate, whilst working at landmark hotels such as The Fairmont San Francisco and St. Andrews Bay in Scotland.

At conferences such as HSMAI, ITB and Digi.Travel he is a regular speaker, and at Hotelschool Maastricht he is also a visiting lecturer for the topic hotel technology and marketing. Thomas currently lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and serves as an advisory board member for the Academy of International Hospitality Research (AIHR) and TIO University.

Thomas’ session will be: Today’s traveller in a digital world

The digital revolution has brought huge changes to the world of travel, with the needs of today’s modern traveler vastly different to travelers of the past. The way that travelers search, shop and experience hotels & resorts has been revolutionised by modern technology and online customer reviews. On-demand, immediate services are becoming more and more expected by mobile-dependent, tech-savvy travelers.

The most important expectation is a high-level of personalisation in terms of their experience at your property, and in your communications with your customers before and after their stay. The effects of this changing guest on the hotel industry will be discussed by Thomas, who will also offer practical tips on what hotels & resorts can do to stay relevant.

You can connect with Thomas via Twitter – and LinkedIn –                                              

Andrew Stuart – President and Chief Operating Officer, Norwegian Cruise Line:

Andy currently works as the President and Chief Operating Officer for Norwegian Cruise Line, after his appointment in March 2015. He has been instrumental in helping to build the Norwegian brand and strengthening its relationships with travel partners, during 27-years with the company. He is responsible within this role for ensuring that Norwegian excels in every way, and continues to produce industry leading financial results. In addition Andy helps to bring new ideas and innovations to the company to improve team member involvement and guest satisfaction.

Andy originates from the UK and studied at Bournemouth university where he obtained a bachelor’s of science degree. He has also served as the Chairman of Cruise Lines International Association.

Andy’s session will be: Cruising sets sail towards younger clients: lessons for timeshare

In recent years the cruise industry has experienced phenomenal growth, in much part fueled by a large shift in the demographics of those taking cruise holidays. There has been a significant drop in the average age of cruisers from 56 to 49, with 25% aged 30-39 and 30% of cruise vacationers travelling with their children.

During this fascinating talk Andy will help show how the cruise industry has shifted the perception of cruise vacations away from an older generation, through a change in mindset towards dining, investing in cruise ships (which are like floating resorts) and highlighting the fantastic value of these experiences. The big question will be whether the timeshare industry can learn from these important lessons to change the perception people have of it.

You can connect with Andy via Twitter – and LinkedIn –

Anthony Reilly – Marketing Director, Hoseasons

Anthony is in charge of all brand, digital and direct communications for the Hoseasons business, including the front-end optimisation of the Hoseasons website and the brand’s social media. Anthony’s expertise includes brand and data strategy, customer journey and digital planning, communications planning and UX, following 13 year’s of success within the world of brand communication.

Before joining the Hoseasons business he has worked with blue chip brands such as Mazda, Rightmove, Haagen-Dazs, Auto Glass and Jack Daniels. Following his appointment at Hoseasons, he has been responsible for the rebranding of the company, helped launch a brand new fully responsive website, and been responsible for the ongoing digitisation of the business.

You can connect with Anthony via Twitter – and LinkedIn –

Paul Hardingham – Commercial Director, Hoseasons

For the past eight years, Paul has been working in travel with Hoseasons, and is responsible for both the Commercial and Product functions of the business, ensuring the company has the right product, at the right price in the right place to suit the needs of today’s consumers. Paul has an array of expertise including Business Development, New Product Development, Product Management, Analytics and Yield & Revenue Management.

Before working with the Hoseasons brand, Paul worked for seven years in Franchise development within the signage and printing industry, helping to grow a franchise network of over 80 centres and developing National Accounts across Ireland and the UK.

You can connect with Paul via Twitter – and via LinkedIn –

Anthony and Paul’s session will be: Maintaining relevance through innovation.

Through excellent product innovation, customer engagement and technological investment, Hoseasons, the UK’s market leading self-catering brand has managed to remain relevant in today’s digital age. Not only that it has allowed the brand to thrive and continue to grow. By focusing on quality, innovation and service the company has ensured that they have continued to meet the needs of new customers for over 70 years, including in an ever-changing digital and competitive landscape.

Anthony and Paul have been instrumental in helping the brand to remain relevant in this new digital age, and will help explain to you how they achieved this at Hoseasons and how this can be translated across to the timeshare industry.

The RDO7 conference 2016 is sponsored by CLC World Resorts & Hotels, Diamond Resorts International, Interval International and RCI at the Platinum level, and Dial An Exchange, Generator Systems and Shawbrook Bank at the Gold level. We thank them for their support.

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