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19 Jul 2016

Technology is about people

As Steve Clarke explains in this video recorded at the timeshare resort Pearly Grey Ocean Club in Tenerife, rather than focusing on technology as something separate from people, it should be seen as a positive part of the way we now live.

Modern advances in communications technology such as free messaging services and social media, offer an outstanding way of increasing our connections with others around the world. Barriers can be broken down, bringing us all closer together. For the travel and timeshare industry, these forms of communication are also an amazing tool for enhancing the way we interact and connect with current and potential clients.

During his stay at Pearly Grey Ocean Club, Steve had a conversation in the bar with somebody and “they got around to discussing today’s technology, and the people were really hung up on the idea that they can’t use technology to be able to communicate with people, but it’s just the new way of communicating.”

“Social media and the online world is not about technology, it’s about people. It’s about the way you can actually amplify your good message, not just bad stuff but great stuff that you’ve got to share. It’s about putting your referrals on legal steroids because you can actually amplify the message and have lots of people involved.”

“This is not about technology, it’s technology enabling and enhancing the way that we communicate, it’s no more complicated than that. Don’t get over complicated, don’t get bogged down with technology. This is about how you communicate with more people, more effectively, more often.”

The pace of technological innovation and change that is currently occurring across the world is incredible. Modern advances in technology that once only seemed possible in the world of fiction, are now becoming increasingly present in our everyday lives.

There are now computers in our pockets in the shape of mobile telephones, virtual reality headsets which can visually transport the wearer into a totally different world, and messaging apps which allow us to communicate for free with friends, family and others across the globe!

While technology is often blamed for some of the ills affecting modern society, technology itself is neither negative or positive. Ultimately it all boils down to how technology is used, as to whether it enhances or detracts from our lives. Used correctly technology can be used to positively revolutionise many aspects of our lives including leisure, work and the environment we live in, and as Steve says “technology is about people”.

Here at the RDO we would like to once again thank Steve for his recent training session with the team at Pearly Grey Resort, and for appearing in this video.

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