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30 Jul 2021

CHALLENGEFAMILY and Anfi Group announce partnership

The training ground of Gran Canaria has just got even more accessible for triathletes with today’s announcement of a partnership between the island’s leading resort operator, Anfi Group, and CHALLENGEFAMILY. Anfi Group owns two resorts in the south west of the island - Anfi del Mar is a tropical sanctuary of peace and tranquility with white sand beaches where, for over three decades, it has offered world-class family vacations. Anfi Tauro Golf & Luxury Resort boasts a luxury hotel and unique designer villas combined with one of the best golf courses in Europe. Both resorts, which comprise of 5 fully equipped...

Anfi leads a preventive campaign against coronavirus between its staff and customers
11 Mar 2020

Anfi launches a preventive campaign against coronavirus between its staff and customers

The Anfi Group has just launched a prevention campaign against the coronavirus in order to avoid possible infections, as it did in the past in similar cases such as Influenza A. The company, which has over a thousand workers and 2,000 clients accommodated per week in its resorts, has launched, with immediate effect, the preventive campaign: 'Without contact, there is no infection'. Through this initiative, employees are recommended to avoid any type of physical contact such as shaking hands, kissing or hugging, both among colleagues and with third parties, according to the memorandum. This advice is also extended to those...

8 Apr 2015

Spanish Supreme Court Ruling 15 January 2015

We are aware of the ruling of the Supreme Court in Spain regarding the case of Anfi Sales SL v Grimsbo. We have been in and continue to be in close touch with Anfi management and their legal advisers to ascertain the up to date position. We understand from intensive discussions with Anfi’s legal advisers, and concur with their conclusion, that there has been a misinterpretation of the law in Spain as it applies to timeshare schemes in existence before Spain implemented the provisions of the First Timeshare Directive in 1998. We therefore believe, as does Anfi, that this case has limited...