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Hapimag posts largest annual profit for over 15 years
3 Apr 2018

Hapimag posts largest annual profit for over 15 years

The Hapimag Group has announced that it posted consolidated profit of EUR 11.1 million in 2017. This is Hapimag’s best annual result for over 15 years. The operating results of EUR 12.9 million are also pleasing. The Hapimag resorts made a significant contribution to the improved operating performance. Total revenues at the resorts increased by 2.5 % to EUR 86.4 million compared to the previous year. “We are delighted that we haven’t had to compromise on the quality of our services despite this cost optimisation. We again received 17 HolidayCheck Awards thanks to good ratings from guests,” says Hassan Kadbi, who has...

16 Jan 2018

It’s All About the People via Hassan Kadbi – CEO, Hapimag AG

At each RDO Conference, there are a variety of diverse speakers chosen from many different walks of life, creating an eclectic and inspirational mix of presentations to inspire and motivate attendees. In fact, no two presentations are the same, meaning that the conference audience never quite knows what to expect, so things never get stale or boring. Sometimes speakers give specific tips and advice and other times there is a more generalised speech with the aim of inspiring and changing dated ways of thinking. At RDO8 conference at the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa, Hassan Kadbi, who has been CEO...

OK - so I am an elephant
20 Sep 2017

OK – so I am an elephant

It would be true to say that I was quite disappointed when Nigel Risner told me I'm an elephant, as he, Jackie Murphy and I struggled through Malaga Airport in the closing hours of last Tuesday week, after RDO8 finished in Marbella. There had been an Air Traffic Controllers’ strike in France (where else) and of course flights were delayed and re-directed etc. Ok, I always suspected that there was a central element of elephant in my character but I had always hoped there was a bit of monkey or lion as well – not dolphin (see Nigel’s book “It’s a...