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Timeshare Task Force
28 Jun 2019

ITRA, ECC and M1 Legal

A number of consumers are advising that following the winding up of ITRA, they are being approached by European Consumer Claims (ECC) and are corresponding with M1 Legal.  These communications concern offers of continuing work said to have been started by ITRA. As consumers paid ITRA and entered into contracts with that business and it is now the subject of liquidation and insolvency investigations, the Timeshare Task Force, which is managed by KwikChex on behalf of RDO, advises that such approaches should be reported to the ITRA liquidator, Richard Long & Co., as they are likely to be unlawful – a...

Important advice re increasing risks related to timeshare claims businesses
15 Mar 2019

Important advice re increasing risks related to timeshare claims businesses

On 22 February 2019, purported timeshare claims specialist’ businesses Meredith Pritchard Consultants Ltd. and First Law Solutions Ltd. were wound up in the UK High Court following action by UK authorities. The Insolvency Service presented petitions to the court on the grounds that both companies traded with a lack of commercial probity by failing to provide contracted services in a timely manner or at all. This included accepting payments in respect of non-viable claims, charging excessive fees, and using misleading and aggressive sales techniques. Losses to consumers deceived by the businesses are believed to be in excess of half a million...

Another judgement made against International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA)
8 Feb 2019

ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Action) wound up in the High Court

On 30th January 2019, KwikChex reports that International Timeshare Refund Action – more commonly known as ITRA, was wound up in the High Court of Justice England & Wales. This followed a petition made by a couple that had taken ITRA to court on grounds of unlawful conduct involving misrepresentations and failure to provide promised services concerning timeshare relinquishment and compensation. ITRA failed to refund monies as ordered by the court.  The original claim case against ITRA was one of several brought successfully against the business by consumers, with a number of courts repeatedly finding that ITRA had used deceptive methods and not provided...

Another judgement made against International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA)
29 Jun 2018

Another judgement made against International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA)

International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA) have had a judgement made against them in a court action brought by a consumer. The action was supported by KwikChex, which manages the Timeshare Task Force on RDO’s behalf. On 4th June, ITRA, which failed to turn up in court and defend the claim, were ordered to refund a consumer all the monies he paid to them plus costs – a total of over £5700. For more information, go to

ITRA loses another court case
12 Apr 2018

ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Association) loses another court case

A consumer was awarded a total of £9765.90 at Workington County Court in March in a case against ITRA. The amount included a full refund of all monies paid to ITRA, plus costs and interest. The judge ruled that ITRA was guilty of misrepresentation in the sales process, deceiving the consumer by making false statements and promises and breach of contract for not carrying out promised work. She stated that ‘there was a complete failure by ITRA to comply with the Consumer Rights Act.’ This is the third case that the Task Force has provided free support to consumers making claims against...

Appeal case against Silverpoint dismissed at the Santa Cruz Provincial High Court
30 Jan 2018

Consumer wins case against ITRA in Weston-Super-Mare County Court

On 19 January 2018 a member of the public was awarded £4,802.60, the judge stating that breaches of contract by International Refund Action Ltd (ITRA) were “completely unacceptable” and that ITRA had not provided the services promised.  The judge also commented that the “breaches were as fundamental as they could possibly get” and that there had been “so little done for so much money”. The consumer had approached KwikChex, which manages the Timeshare Task Force on behalf of RDO, after ITRA failed to clearly respond for over a year to requests to detail what ITRA had carried out on the consumer’s behalf. KwikChex provided free...

ITRA sued by timeshare owners and ordered to refund payments in full
27 Jul 2016

ITRA sued by timeshare owners and ordered to refund payments in full

ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Action) was taken to court by a retired couple this June and having considered the evidence, the judge ruled that the contract signed by the consumers was invalid. ITRA was ordered to refund the couple’s payments and to pay their costs. Harold and Brenda Walker were cold called by ITRA in 2014 and invited to attend a presentation to discuss how to take part in a no-win, no-fee claim for compensation against their timeshare resort. The Walkers were falsely told during the presentation that their timeshare contract was in perpetuity and their children would become liable for the...

ASA ruling on European Claims Centre LLC, trading as Timeshare Advice Centre
22 Jul 2016

ASA ruling on European Claims Centre LLC, trading as Timeshare Advice Centre

KwikChex, as part of the Timeshare Task Force initiative, challenged whether the claims on the website for Timeshare Advice Centre that the team had "a wealth of experience” in helping [timeshare] customers and "had already helped a high number” of timeshare, points and fractional owners looking for a way out of their contracts were misleading and could be substantiated. The ASA considered that consumers were likely to interpret the claims to mean that Timeshare Advice Centre had significant experience in assisting timeshare owners to solve issues regarding their timeshares, including contractual issues, and that the assistance was given solely by TAC...