What to Expect at RDO10 Conference: The Next Chapter

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27 Aug 2019

What to Expect at RDO10 Conference: The Next Chapter

For this year’s RDO Conference we will be returning again to the superb Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa, Marbella. Of course, it is not only this gorgeous location that our attendees will be able to look forward to, but also another RDO Conference with a packed line-up of inspirational keynote and guest speakers, networking opportunities and the promise of a fantastic time to be enjoyed by all.

The theme we decided upon for RDO10 is the The Next Chapter. This is to reflect the fundamental shifts taking place across the world which we have witnessed in the last couple of decades, that are only set to become ever more significant. The impacts of these technologically driven changes can be seen in almost all areas of our lives, and it is no use pretending these changes won’t affect our industry.

We have some brilliant keynote speakers to help inspire and educate you: Leo Johnson who will be presenting “The new dynamics of disruption”, and Daniel Hulme with “AI and the future of business”. Both these individuals have come from very different backgrounds and are able to draw on a whole host of unique educational, career and life experiences. These have lead them to becoming renowned keynote speakers who give speeches at events and conferences to a wide range of businesses and industries, across the world.

With the perfect combination of their experience and in-depth knowledge, mixed with their avid interest in the topics they will be presenting our two keynote speakers will undoubtedly provide some fascinating insights to delegates attending RDO10 in Marbella. As well as our keynote speakers, we also have a superb selection of guest speakers and panelists, ready to present and discuss a variety of engaging and useful topics:

  • Yield Management – Slicing the pie
  • All things legal
  • The New Influence – how to build an influential brand online in the age of digital disruption
  • Online Reviews: An untapped channel for the timeshare industry
  • Claims & Enforcement: Getting on the front foot
  • EUROC: Giving timeshare owners a real voice

For the final session at RDO10 – “The Next Chapter”, a panel of industry experts will take an honest look at where we are as an industry and consider if we have the capability to move forward? Are our products and services future proof, what challenges and opportunities lie ahead, and what needs to be done to turn the page and move onto the next chapter? Delegates will be given the opportunity before the session starts to confer with colleagues over a coffee on the questions to be addressed to the panel and should be prepared to take part in this interactive debate.

This year’s RDO conference promises to be an event packed with engaging presentations, lively debate and a superb opportunity to meet with others working within the industry for business and networking opportunities, as well as a chance to relax with colleagues at various social events.

To register and view the full schedule, session and speaker details please visit the dedicated conference website

Once again we look forward to welcoming you all to the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa in Marbella for this year’s industry event. This is a unique opportunity to look back at the previous year’s and see how far the timeshare and shared leisure ownership industry has come, and how we can work together for an even brighter and more successful future, as we move towards the next chapter.

We would like to offer a big thanks to this year’s Platinum sponsors, Interval International and RCI. We are extremely grateful for all the support that our sponsors offer to the event each year which wouldn’t be possible without them.

To keep up to date with all the latest news about the conference and RDO in general, make sure to connect with us on social media, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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